Ricardo orellana scrapbeauty v0001

Beauty Render

Ricardo orellana scrapclay v0001

Clay Render

Ricardo orellana scrapwireframe v0001


Ricardo orellana scrapparticle v0001

Maya nParticles simulation for dust effect.

Ricardo orellana scrapturntable v0001

Scrap - Look Development. Character design by Edwardian Taylor. Label design by Divya Ghatrazu.

Ricardo orellana scrapturntable v0002
Ricardo orellana scrapturntable v0003

Personal work. Found this little guy on one of my backup drives. I modeled him several years ago for an animated school short that never came to fruition. I recently decided to push this character through the end and create a full render scene. For this project I got to experiment for the first time with Maya nParticles to create the effect of dust particles accumulating on the surface and floating in the air.
Character concept by Edwardian Taylor.