The Cobbler
Ricardo orellana cobblerpaintinglow v0003
Ricardo orellana originalreference

Original painting reference

A painting I made to gift my mother at Christmas. It's based on an oil painting of a cobbler my late uncle had in his home office, and it was symbolic of my grandfather's profession and how it all began. I learned from my mother this year that the original artist had planned to paint my
grandfather's head on the cobbler but passed away before he could do so. I decided to pay homage to the original painting and reproduce it as best I could from the low-res photo I have, and to also incorporate my grandfather as it was originally intended. I only had an old sepia photograph of my grandfather on which to base the painting of his face. This project was a huge learning experience for me. Unfortunately, I don't know the original artist's name and am unable to give him the proper credit he deserves. But trying to paint his image while knowing that he didn't have 'Save File', 'Undo', or 'Flip Horizontal' available is another reminder of how deeply I respect traditional artists.