Couple Portrait
Ricardo orellana savethedatecard v0003
Ricardo orellana savethedatecardgrayscale v0001
Ricardo orellana savethedatecardwireframes v0001

Single plane used for background. Rope fibers generated with Zbrush Fibermesh.

Ricardo orellana couplerender v0003

Quick rig was created for both models so I could place and pose them in context.

Ricardo orellana polaroidrender

Render test from Substance Painter.

Ricardo orellana karlyzbrushrender v0002
Ricardo orellana ricardozbrushrender v0001
Ricardo orellana karly sweaterrender v0003
Ricardo orellana couplesurfacerender v0001

Shading test in Maya.

Ricardo orellana couple wireframerender v0001

A portrait of myself and my fiancee that I created for our wedding. The main render had to follow specific dimensions in order to fit within a designated envelope size, and due to time constraints, Substance Painter was the software of choice for fast texturing and Redshift for fast rendering. The brick background was generated from a photo I took and Substance B2M was used to create the 3D feel.